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Would you like your product or service to be reviewed by one of our Kid Reviewers?

All requests will be considered, but they are not guaranteed to be accepted. Products and services must be appropriate for children. Free samples are not returned. We do not offer product giveaways or contests.

If your product is accepted and reviewed, you will be able to use the Kids Thumbs Up Award logo on your website and with your promotional materials.

There is no charge for this review. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any questions that you may have before contacting our office.

In your initial email, please copy and paste the following questions with your answers:

Name of product or service:
Primarily designed for children aged:
Contact Name:
Contact Phone number:
*You may request for specific product details to be included in the review, but they are not guaranteed to be included.
*You may also attach 1-2 .jpg images of your product if you would like.

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