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Alex writes...

Bouncy Bands are fun because you can relax your feet on them while you do your school work. They help me stay calm in class. 

List price: $12.95

Bouncy Bands
Progress Cards Kobe writes...

Progress Cards help people do what they can't do very well. It gives you tips on how to improve on it as you check off every time you practice. Other kids would like Progress Cards because they help you get better. 

List price: Complete set of 70 Progress Cards for $9.99

Progress Cards
Mary writes...

I think that the Comfort Cross is beautiful. As soon as I held it in my hand, I noticed that God loves us all no matter what. All ages will think it is awesome since it feels smooth and it's nice to hold. 

List price: 2 for $7.99

Comfort Cross
Miles Miles writes...

SHMILY stands for "See How Much I Love You." I think the SHMILY coin is good because I can mail it to my Grandma. I can surprise my dad by hiding the SHMILY coin in his suitcase and he will see it when he gets to work. I can put it on my mom's keyboard when I go to school. When she gets it, I think she will be surprised. I like the SHMILY coin because I can put it in my pocket when I want to feel it. I can hide it in places when I want to give it to my mom, dad, brother or sister to find it.

List price: 99¢ each (10 for 79¢ each)

Laurea writes...

I like Sour Worms because they are sweet and goey. They are very sticky because of the goey stuff, but not too messy. They come in all different colors--red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and pink. The best part is that they taste sweet!

List price: 99¢ each
Sour worms
Caleb writes...

Mario Kart is a cool game because when you drive through the colorful boxes, you get more power. You can design your own car with colors, lightning bolts, hearts, and stars. You can even pick your own places to race and your own teams. Luigi is my favorite driver.

List price: $33.50

Mario Cart
Chloe Chloe writes...

My favorite book is "Kenny and the Dragon" because it is funny and very interesting. I liked reading it so much that I didn't want to put it down.

List price: $15.99

Purchase via
Kenny And The Dragon
Bader Bader writes...

My favorite game system is the X Box 360 because it's a of of fun! You can play CD's, watch videos and play lots of great games. I like the controllers because they don't have a cord.

List price $299

X Box 360
Susie writes...

I adore my "American Girl" Marie-Grace doll! She is even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Her clothes are precious. She loves playing with her puppy Argos. She's my favorite doll and she knows all my secrets. I highly recommend the Marie-Grace doll to any girl who is looking for a new best friend.

List price: $119

Sabian Sabian writes...

The new Super Marios Bros. game is the awesome because you get to go to other worlds. It's fun and exciting because you get to fight Junior Bowser and Bowser.
List price: $44.99

New Super Mario Bros.
Sebastian Sebastian writes...

Papa John's cheese pizza is my absolute favorite food. The cheese melts in my mouth and the sauce tastes great! I eat 2-3 slices of the thin crust pizza every time. It tastes delicious!

List price: $11

Papa John's Cheese Pizza
Avery Avery writes...

Dragon Ball Z is my favorite TV show because it is fun and has a lot of adventure. The action is intense and cool. Also, there is a videogame that is based on the TV show.

View all episodes for free at: www.DBZ.TV

Official Website:
DragonBall Z
AJ writes...

I like the Nintendo DSI because you can take pictures, play games and download  new games too. It's cool, fun to play and hard to break. It is pocket sized, so you can slip it in your pocket any time. The DSI is impressive because you can even record your own music. I love DSI and I hope you do too.

List price: $99.00


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