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Kid Reviewers are between the ages of 6-18 who like to write about products and services that they love! Reviewers must have their parent or legal guardian's written permission for their work to be published online, along with their photo and first name. The Parent Permission Form must mailed before your review will be considered for approval.

Reviews are written by kids and for kids. They describe what you enjoy, what you think is neat and what you like most about a variety of products and services. It is important that reviews are not about products and services that your parents or other family members are selling. Instead, find someone else to write a review for those products.

Writing a super review is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Pick a product or service that you love! Find one of your favorite toys, games, books, websites, movies, foods, restaurants, or something else that you have. Or, you may decide to email the Marketing or Sales Manager of a company and ask for a free sample for you to write a product review. You can use this sample email if you'd like.

2. Take good notes about what you like about your product or service. What makes it neat? What is interesting and cool about it? Why would others think it is worth buying? What could they use it for? How would you describe it? How is it unique or special?  What are you most impressed with it? What age kids would enjoy it the most? Study it from all angles. What is something that you noticed about it after you had it for a while? You may even ask others for their opinions. What do your parents, brothers, sisters and friends like about it? Ask a parent to take your picture using or holding the product with your "thumbs-up" pose. To help you get started, you can write your notes on this Ideas Page.

3. Now, look at your notes from your Ideas Page and circle the 4 or 5 most interesting things that you want to include in your review. After you write your first draft, let it sit overnight. The next day, read it out loud to yourself and hear what it sounds like. Circle the parts of your review that you like the most. Make sure that all of the words are spelled correctly and that you used proper punctuation. All good writers have editors. Be sure to ask someone to read it over to catch errors that you might have missed. Thank them for their help.

Email your review and your "thumbs-up" photo as an attachment to:

Remember, reviews will not be considered for approval until your Parent's Permission Form is received. Within 1-2 weeks after receiving your Parent Permission form and your review, you will hear back from us if your review is approved, it needs revising, or is denied. Good luck!

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